Rate S.class Mercer😀

out of 10 how much Number u will give to s.class mercer so far ur experiance with him

My rate is: $0


can’t rate right now cause I’m stunned rd 1


A OP toon who let more people quit this game … perfect!

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Not as game breaking as everyone makes out thats for sure. My attack runs all stun resist and were resisting as they should.


thats what i think people over rated him

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Exactly. When he was on the wheel I thought how OP he was. After facing him plenty of times in the past week, I can safely say he’s just a good toon. Not game-breaking as many would thought it would be. If the stun gets resisted, he’s one of the worst defensive leaders in the game.

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Your mods have to actually work though, 99% of the time when I faced him all my toons were stunned out the gate

I find mercer teams are impossible in only one specific setup. Anything else and he isnt to much to deal with but one team I saw that crw was insane. Mercer. Double priya with rampage. Doc. Command. Even then it was 50 percent chance to fail still. Mercer will never make a flawless defesne but in a situation like above if a bunch of your gets stunned round 1 it is very hard to come back from


7.5 he is really RNG based if you go in with good stun resist mods on all of your attack toons it gives you a chance to only have 1 or 2 stunned then you have a chance

If you don’t have stun resist mods on its your own funeral

Yea but you need to have the right toons left I stunned so you can then control their command and doc Stevens.

If your opponent isn’t running command and doc Stevens behind Mercer, then they don’t know what they are doing.

He is a gamebraker, but if you plan to spend i can tell you within a few months he will be outdated and useless and can start to spend again. The game is in a joke category stance. All that’s matters how stupid ppl are to spend their $$ for a few pixel. And until there are ppl, kids can be made addicted and ripped off they will do. I cant blane scopely, they just wa t to get out as much money they can even with destroying the game.

If you know how to build your time against him, that isn’t a problem. Seeing that Mercer teams are quite weak when it comes to defensive status, you won’t have to actually build an attack heavy team. You gotta know how to hold the initial barrage from there it’s easy street (most of the times).

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against the hard hitting mercer teams a double payback Pete lead works well just watch them blow them selves up

He’s not as a game breaker as people assumed. Many people I know and many factions I faced have characters heavily modded against stun. Many Pete defensive teams have stuns on many key characters. So people have both defensive and offensive characters with good stun resist mods and Mercer loses a bit of his effectiveness.

There are other debilitating status that can come in future characters, like disarm t1 or taunt t1 or infection, etc. But we know there’s bound to have a future character (6* or S Class) that either nullifies stun as his/her’s leader skill or nullifies any debilitating status t1.

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Only fools leave one defense up what happens when they swap defenses…

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Exactly lol

7.7 out of 10

people also forget that even with out his lead skill he is a beast attack toon