Rate my two teams and give helpful advice

Really have these two teams plus I have 6 star Bryan

you should level up your toons

Trainers are kind of rare for me get

1st team doesn’t look too bad for an F2P team comp. Once you get Garrett ascended, be sure to switch out Gator because he’s a joke on defense. Obviously, weapons seem to be an area of improvement too. Try your hand at ascending 4 star greens for Carl, because he’d help you out much more than Gator would as lead.


Thanks I’ll keep that in mind

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This team take gator out and put beta in. That’s not a bad def but its not likely going to get a bunch of defends. Make sure you keep focus on making the best attack team possible and kill as quickly as possible before burning in war.
You definitely need work on weapons. There’s a ton of toons available via ascension i recommend trying blues for Erik and command Sid
Possibly yellow for conner (his defense down is awesome) and Carly
Definitely some greens for carl.
Red for Donnie

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What else is in your roster?

What have you got in roster for future ascendace and we can help advise you that way. Right now you need a better lead.

You don’t need trainers to level up most toons. The only trainers you need are liliths, Adens and ulysesses (if that be the plural?). You’re usually better off sorting out your farms and training camps and send your toons on level up missions to level off.

Trainers are far better used as the stupid ascension fodder we need for no good reason. Or to sell for supply depot points if a good toon comes up in there.

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By your ‘2 teams’ you mean you swapped your lead and a single toon? Maybe you should have asked everyone to rate your 6 toons (plus you Bryant, 7 toons).

I just found this silly.


I am going to assume the OP is a new player and is seeking help on how to play better. I could be wrong about my first assumption but not the second.

Of course, most of this thread is full of useless responses as I expected from this “community”. Keep up the great work. :smirk:

At least some people here have some class. Shout out to @TWDKenny and @Jlag and others for making helpful suggestions.


Well tbh it says rate my team’s not give team help. People are just realistically rating it and not sugar coating it. Sure it’s kinda being dickish but if he asked for team help in the post maybe he would get more helpful suggestions
Edit: comment was before title changed

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I dont use trainers for fodder. Save them for all these level ups when you decide you want a toon. So many ways to get dupes now days oppossed to the early intro to ascension. You can win a level up in last 5 minutes by saving and using trainers wisely.

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5* solagne and and 5* yellow sandy

Here are some images of my roster

10 outta 10 top notch teams :whale::whale2::whale::whale2: could run with the boys with those teams very nice :+1: