Rate My Meme! [Share and Like!]


It’s ridiculously easy to share memes on here.

Because of this – I felt the overwhelming need to create a thread to serve the Meme Gods.

Have a special meme you really want to share to make the world a better, danker place?

Share it here! Obviously, the more Likes it gets the more dank it is.

Let’s begin!

I shall start with a classic:

How I feel about the new game mode we’ve been playtesting:




I’d rather not offend the entire community so I’ll keep my memes to myself. Cool idea though


Sorry for grave digging this topic, I didn’t realize how far down I had scrolled.


It’s okay @DecaturSwine, there’s a few meme threads now! Glad it’s caught on!



My War enemies. :fearful:


But my other posts are in the other thread. :frowning:

I guess I’ll just start anew here then? :smiley:



For the creepy couples. I’ve run into too many couples in game. Shit always gets weird when they air their dirty laundry or someone neglects a kid for this game. (I’ve seen it happen)


Played with a couple, remarkably well balanced individuals time wise but unfortinately had a personality disconnect involving leadership and several other fac mates that ended in a lot of namecalling of various inflamatory degrees in fac Line. Not all couples are bad, they need a solid anchor of priority though for sure.