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Past Community Reviews
Clementine - Bad 53% 58 Votes
Sophia - Bad 52% 52 Votes

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Maybe post all 100 polls now? :roll_eyes: Or only doing ones for toons you have? :man_shrugging:


Her leader skill is alright, and her ar and active are pretty good. A nice support to have on a melee attack team. Seems like shes mostly offensive, but might be viable on defense

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Hes clarified before these polls are for toons he has

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Then depot them all, they are really, really bad. Or not. :man_shrugging:

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No hate here man. If you don’t want to vote don’t vote, if you want to hate or do the usual “blah blah company sucks who cares blah blah” go somewhere else :heart::heart::heart::heart: love you

Didn’t realize these were your forums where your rules apply, thanks for clarifying.

If all these fell into you roster via random free pulls, fine, if you spent before knowing whether you should… :man_shrugging: At the end of the day, try them out and see how well they work on your team.

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Not my forums lol, plenty of threads for you to be negative in. I want to see community interest in these toons. It’s not really gonna change my opinion on the toon I just would like to know

Tyreese,Tyreese,Alpha,Guardian, and Green Madison lead

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Also you never even voted so why even click on the thread :slight_smile:

Why u doing this pulls?Its not important thing

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You can’t rate a character just good or bad… some fill niches like Mackenzie, and others are staples like Erika, Carl (both), and human shields

In short: Both vitality specialists can sustain for prolonged battles while not being exactly helpful on defense due to auto AI
Madison can fill the role of an attack lead and a similar role to red Mira with stubs and such…

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Looking for around 12 more votes. I’m glad Madison is considered good to most of you. I don’t feel like she gets enough credit

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She sucks


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