Rarity roadmap event

Anyone has a idea about what this Rarity roadmap is about? Another P2w event or is it a free play roadmap for all where you use normal energy?


Without even looking I can guarantee you it will be 100% P2W (for anything other than shirts and tear gas). Happy 2020 from Scopely!

Also the word rarity kind of gives it away.

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А во сколько будет этот эвент? (по московскому времени)

It’s a roadmap event designed to milk bronies
By getting them to by rarity fan fic
Don’t worry as hans I shall get the flamenwuffter and save us all

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Lol yeah, when i saw that word Rarity, i was like thanks Scopely for another P2w map. Hate when they do this.

Whatever it is, you can guarantee you’ll need to use a lot of energy cans somewhere.

Fingers crossed it’s not another rng letters event where even p2w will struggle to collect anything decent,

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Couple of screenshots from VK. Not sure if the bloodied sheets are for a mission or to unlock the next roadmaps.

You collect bloody bedsheets and pillow cases I guess scopes killed someone was it
Walter driver with a phone full of contacts to secret hit men in. His office who. Knows who did it

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Just go ask Scopely for more info on the announcement thread for this event.


Oh you mean the one they locked? So we cannot provide feedback?

Yes that one

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