I hear you but it’s a bad strategy. At this stage of the game, every player matters. The numbers are slowly decreasing and you need volume in a game like this.

Plus, when they give out toons like Angel, it makes the spenders buy the next OP toon to keep up. I never understood why they treat the f2p so poorly.

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you def spent a lot of raid cans though, needed to drop at least 80 to get them on top of natural raid energy.

I have no 4* in my roster at all. Don’t have any tokens at all either as they were useless and I needed to be able to lvl s class toons. Just stupidest idea ever.

Wtf would they have a 4 star map lol so dumb

Hey! These are the RTS forums, how dare you make sense and speak truth!

3 roadmaps over 8 days!!! Brilliant.

So I have to level up 4*s for a measly 200 collectibles? Nah.

And there we go. As expected the decent rewards are to bought as per.

Absolute scumbag company


I’m already more than disappointed about this event.
Prizes like this (f2p missions) should be available on a daily/weekly base and not run under the name of a rarity event.


what a boring shitie event


The 4 star roadmap is doable. You really only need one toon at T3 at most. And kit this team out with good mods and 4 star weapons. Just note that stage 8 has an alert revive and a tough shield

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X gets the square

Yellow mariana is still my favorite toon in the game lol neutralize, stuns two while giving them defence down and gives a teammate 20 AP at 58 rush speed

This event is going to be the first one ever that I’m not going to take part in🥳 and I don’t feel like I’m missing out


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