You probably don’t need to level them much. The roadmap leak says ‘S+’. An unleveled 4* team with a lead skill that applies to all toons plus some good weapons will come out at S2.

Got me team lved up

based on some of the rm leaks, the 4* rm is pretty useless. Last stage reward is an elite token…
and for about 20x8 = 160 energies it’s pretty a waste.

Also gives a bed sheet

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well, let’s see if whatever collection they put on is worth 1.7 world can

This is exactly what someone should have called me out on, first. Not the 4* tokens. I almost cropped it out :slight_smile:
But, I generally tended to keep those for the persona trainers for levelup objectives and fell into a bad habit of not using them. I keep thinking I’ll use them ‘next levelup’ but levelups are so insanely boring I can’t focus on them, like ever.

You’d probably walk a level up though, especially if you have a ton of basic tokens saved as well. I won a level up on just the tokens I had saved up a couple of months back, didn’t even touch the training ground (did reduce my roster somewhat too - pity now we have that 4star map coming up :stuck_out_tongue:).

I still have lots of 4*s

get some gear from them 2. cash em all in gooo onnnnn tell us what you get lol

I think the fact we are using 4*s for any event when we no longer are in that stage of the game.

S class

Yet people have roster issues and now I’m being told to do an event I need useless worthless 4*, it’s insulting. & not to mention I can’t level my S class as it is, and I’m suppose to waste resources on 4*s for some event.

5*-6* then S class may have made sense. But 4*s really? What a waste.


I still have 3☆ & 4☆’s. I use them in scavenger missions & territories.

Ehhh people getting too worked up over it. Wait and see if it’s worth it to level up 4*s. If it is needed and leads to a decent reward, then do it. If a single bloody bed sheet hardly gets you anywhere, then skip it.

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NO 4s down with 4s lol


It’s not like scopley is going to change the event at this point anyways. So folks might as well get over the 4* issue.


I have even more elite item tokens. I have a hard time productively using trainers, so the ones from daily missions are usually enough, and those from event milestones can already be a headache. Elite item tokens have no limit, and don’t expire like my much too full inbox. Probably one of the better ways to store extras.

Lvl your 4* for exciting bed :poop:! Or :poop: in bed maybe :thinking:

I only have like 4 stars. Clark, Shane, Wendy, Governor, And that girl

Who still has 4 stars leveled up? It’s pointless

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I blame the idiots who kept whining like babies wanting an epic only war.

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How can you blame a company for continuing to keep doing the same thing over and over when people are still paying for it. I am F2P and i am just as angry with it but i do not blame Scopely. If i was the CEO i would do the same things because this game is still has a great cash flow. Why change when you do not have to? I wish they would go back to grind-able events however there really isn’t a need to when all that matters is profits. F2P means absolutely nothing to the people in charge and why should they.