The extreme efforts of making 3 million for almost every single level up has gotten me to depot almost every 4 star that I have, as well as concentrating on leveling the 5 stars and above. Maybe I will just focus on the 5 and 6 star roadmaps…

never spent anything on that and got bruce, depends if you put the effort in or not


that was so 2018/2019

All of these decisions depend on rewards. If it’s worth it to level up 4*, you’ll do it It won’t be worth it


Yeah, but did you get Bruce and Sandy for free? If not, you did not complete the event in the strict sense.

Similar with Princess - was relatively easy to get 2 5* and 1000 cards free, impossible to get the Sclass without heavy spending.

you were never supposed to get bruce and sandy for free, 1 was the F2P option getting 2 was P2P.

You cant call the whole event P2P for that


I don’t even have any 4* nevermind levelled


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And 2 Princess and 1000 cards were the F2P option in that event. Yet lots of people called the event P2P.

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I can work with that :wink:

Huge difference between the rewards. Bruce and sandy were at the top of the meta at the time. Five star princess is barely usable and certainly not at the top of meta in the S class era.


i never mentioned the princess event

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Have a few decent 4*s, may lvl up a rainbow lead for this I spose

Next up…old school war with only 5*s lool that’d be some nostalgic fun

I do :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

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Idk but thank god I kept a token Matt spare lol

The F2P part in that event is 50% toward Sclass Princess, which should be useful for a while once they properly add the cards to other game modes. (and if you bought a starte pack and maybe a small offer, 500 to 1k extra cars should have been possible). Game is more of a slow grind now, but you can get anything you want through grinding, which is what players wanted. And Bruce was almost a year old at that point and severely outclassed, it was just the first taste of a disarm available f2p. But disregarding relative quality, it’s still the case that you couldn’t complete the event for free or even by spending a bit, you had to spend heavily. Same thing today, so I still don’t see the difference.

@CrazySausage then pick any other recent multi-week event. Leaving aside the bonus reward ones (Holiday books, bloody shirts) and the stash-only events (Sheila, Snowman), all (or almost all) in the last couple of months followed the same structure as Road Warriors - a F2P part and a P2P part.

@topic I recently got rid of most of my 4* collection for roster space last month, still kept 16 or so maxed, mostly crit stuff for SR though. Let’s see if that is enough. @Dr.Mekar should be happy I guess :slight_smile:

Funny with Princess her skill can lock out other teams specialist skills…

I’m very happy :slightly_smiling_face: