There was no english leaks of images.

no its going be p2w


Auto translate

@GR.Scopely, can we get more info on what “great rewards” are going to be presented?


I’m more concerned about one thing. Tell me, who still has any decent 4 star fully leveled up in their roster?

PC guys… this really going to be a thing?

Next you know, they’ll ask you to use 2 and 3 star toons as well.

Additionally, what 4 star guys are still viable in this day and age? I’ve really forgotten about them all.


zachary, he was awesome

He was. I remember having trouble facing Zachary teams :laughing:

I’m guessing the 4* roadmaps are for newer players :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps… The ocd in me would wanna finish everything though :joy::joy:


i used him on my 5* war atack team. between him omid and maggies Attack boost i could kill everything

4star yellow Beth and Abe were my goto toons lol.


Been using all my 4* lvling S Class toons. I have zero lvled at all. How stupid. Hopefully just zombie stages might be able to fumble my way through. Smh.


Im worried about world cans, need can bags in shop…


There are no more F2P events, but there also are barely any P2P ‘events’ anymore. Most events now are both.

Uh. Well. Actually, I’ve got a few dozen I use regularly for scavenger missions. I don’t have max scavenger camps, so my dog tag cap is low and I need to use 4* toons on several of them. I have a team with max AR I was about to send out on Free Falling I’m kinda glad I didn’t send off yet. Some I remember as good:
Molly was da bomb, Beth, yellow Jesus, yellow Abraham, red neutralize Mark, stun Chuck, Bridget, command Axel (?), Blue Carl, red neutralize Rick, green Negan, red command Gov, hairdresser Joey, green Michonne for crit levels, red neutralize Rick.

I’m guessing the new ones you get from pulling are better than my ancient ones on my roster, as I’ve seen some newer combat effects on newer toons.

Edit: blue command Dale. There is also a green command Axel, but I was thinking about Dale.

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What happened to this company? It was only a year ago where we had awesome events such as the road rage event for sandy or bruce and then the Michelle event.

Those events were grindable for very active f2p or could be completed with a few coins or a starter pack. Now, there’s always a heavy p2p part in every event while f2p get scraps. Very disappointing.

And we used to complain about how bad they were back then.


new owners taken over…

bet you wish albert and his team dint go ay>?

Only relative to spenders, in absolute terms the events are often absolutely alright (say, Princess giving 5k Stoon shards for some grinding F2P, or Tiaras giving 780 shards for autoing a relatively inexpensive roadmap. And it’s not like spenders didn’t have ways to give Scopely their money before.

Also funny that you mention Road Warriors, because that event was pretty much similar to how things are now - Spenders got something good (Bruce and Sandy), F2P and people buying starter packs got scraps (one of the two only).

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I dont have any 4* and only have one team of 5* for def on old school arenas…

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Actually stepping back to look at it all, I would say this:

The f2p would prob only do 1 roadmap, the grinder, hoarder or mild spender will do 2, the whale will do 3 plus grab all those offers in the Shop. It will likely pend out this way.