Rare gear map<<Silver radios


I’m just thinking but the daily Ultimate Gear map has no need for the rare gear map. You get more out of the silver radios (since it’s a near guarantee drop on repeat) however diminishing return means that the the rare gear map is also obsolete. Possible solution is to remove the rare gear map from the ultimate gear roadmap? Or atleast make both the elite and rare open at the same time. Just bugs me, I have to spend 48 energy to get onto the elite gear.


Silver radio map actually drops those items though, and is 4 energy less per stage. But I do agree there is zero reason for the rare stage to be included in the ugm.


Yeah my argument is that you have to complete the Rare gear map in order to get to the gear you really want (flaks, beanies, 4* gear etc). Which is why players eventually will have no need for the silver radio(as if we use it commonly normally anyways) if they want a flak a day to ascend a 4*.


I disagree. Silver radio is still pretty useful…with double drop leads, it’s typically 5 rare item drops per run. That’s a lot of food if you’re like me and sell off excess gear. Before this new map, I generally ran the silver radio map 1 or 2 times a week, going hard in the paint for the 45 minutes its open, getting as many drops as I can. Sometimes I would time it so I was going to hit a level within that time frame, and get another 6 hits in before having to decide if I want to use a can or not.

I don’t see my strategy changing with the new map…especially if I work it out so I hit up my silver radios on Saturday/Sunday when the ultimate map isn’t available.


Silver radio is the best way to farm food. spend all the 80 energy’s on it, sell the gear and you will have 800k+ food, keep doing it daily to build up some gear to sell on lvl up tournament’s


Yeah my argument has been changed, the rare gear map part of the ultimate gear map is useless. Just a energy sponge


remove the rare one and add epic.