Rare Craft items

Metal Cutter is an item that we need in order to craft all the ranged weapon items like laser sights,silencer,gun action,open sights etc ,so we need too many of them… BUT is very rare to drop and when it drops , i get usually x1… Maybe give it a look ,Kalishane ?


I get mine typically from farming 13.3 - Have 1,672 at the moment and I don’t sell them for food.

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Farm workshop on Saturday, you can get up to 6 per play.

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Thanks bro! didn’tn know that

Get quite a few from SR too

Back to this post …I spent 5 cans farming workshop on Saturday and the only item that was dropping very rare was Metal Cutter!!! I got only 60 pieces, with 5 cans when i got plenty drops of the other items (more than 300).In order to craft for example 1 impair on defence weapon, I need 97 Metal cutters !!! Try to farm them ,U will understand what i am talking about…