Rare and Ascendance RMs Missing


Rare and ascendance roadmaps missing.


Does this starts again? :joy:

Also missing the SC roadmap for the event. That’s costing me a shot for the beads.

Popping up in about 4 hours

Still no gear map :confused:


@GR.Scopely the day is about to end, any news on it?

More BS from them. Can’t get shit right…even something as simple as a roadmap they run every week… how professional do they look? Hmmm?

Please get these up for a full 24 hours. I and many others are depending on these. I need silver medals badly. And don’t just put them up for the last few hours and call it solved…

And still no response over this @GR.Scopely
Awesome communication!

Raised this issue with the team yesterday (as for the Cake Roadmap missing) and waiting to hear on the status of their investigation.


Took 5 tags for you to respond, smh! should have been done at most on 2nd tag.
better late than never i guess


The community cares more than the community managers and Dev team… Take that as a sign


Todays maps awol 2.

with the pittance of ascendance medals given out and the 1000s of Level Ups we rely on these roadmaps.

Funny the offers dont seem to go missing


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

SC Cake Map
Ascendance Medal Map
Rare Gear Map
Ultra Gear Map

All missing, is it that hard to get one of the monkeys to press the appropriate button?

Getting a response is like getting blood from a stone


Any update? You’re still waiting?

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Huh I thought I missed the cake roadmap and was sad to see it gone… now i see its not my fault… its theirs.

@GR.Scopely why is it so difficult for them to sort out? It shouldn’t be taking this long.

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With all these stupid collections we need a 4 or 5 tier prize structure rather than 3.

I need ascendance medals ffs

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The list of things going rong getting bigger by the min