Ranks 25-50 faction level up chance at 6* Sandy?


just pointing out that 25th-50th place can get a 6* toon where as others get ulysees … are the devs even playing their own game anymore


seems smart to me


Since introducing 6* toons/5* markers as rewards its common that the people who finish places 25 and worse are the only ones getting 6*. So the people who finish 1÷25 have no chance at a 6* so to not to let those people down now they get a guaranteed reward…


Like 10 people in the entire game will pull Sandy from that box with scopley rng. Plus she’s one of the four free ones we can get from playing SR so who cares if a few noobs get her good for them. Would she really be instantly added to your main att or def teams? Doubt it.


its just if i finish higher i should have a higher probability of pulling her, which is not the case. i never heard of a fac mate pulling a 6* of those fake crates. doesnt matter if id use her.


Who cares? They Could take the toon out for all I care 10/10 times your getting tokens anyway


Then pop out of your fac join one that finishes 25-50 and then collect your tokens at the end of the event. :wink:


… no one wants sandy


I’d end up using her as fodder so makes no difference to me meh


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