Ranking S-Class Fighters

I have a Trader defence with Frost and Shiva in it. It gets so many bounces against it but once people start cluing into the fact that Kenny with his focus, revive and huge attack up is the perfect trader counter, I don’t imagine it will be as successful. Even over the last week and a bit ive noticed a few less successful defends.

Rick all in then lol. A s class command, I mean come on lol…shit will still be useful when the next command comes out! …i do have a soft spot for dale though with the def down and heal reduction. Hes just a lil too slow but for a turn two or three attavk he does the job.

This is how I see it

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U crazy

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My S tier

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This is fun to read…

I’m in no place to make a tier list since I don’t have, nor have I encountered a majority of s-class toons…

Well, not much to read about… I posted my list and explained how I arrived at those conslusions. Most folks here just post their list that I am usually completely flabberghasted with - no word of explanation or reasoning why a gimmick toon with zero control and minimal survivability yet no special atk/dmg output makes it to the super-class tier… Some versatile (and free) toons degraded to C or F class…

I’d like to understand why, maybe I am missing something and an epiphany could improve my deckbuilding, but obviously it’s a top secret most of the time… Or (as my arrogance and feeling of unprecedented superiority would imply), there’s really nothing to those toons and the guys are just assembling the lists either at random, or under influence…

Find me on Line, we will compare notes. bane909

As do most toons so whats your point?

Nice trolling