Ranking S-Class Fighters

Which S-Class are best & which are the worst? Everybody has their favorite but now, thanks to DimasFW, we can easily share which we think are the best & which are not! Links below so you can rank all the S-Class in the game & share the screenshot in the comments below! Also sharing my video recorded while I sort out my ranks, talking about each one & why they landed where they did!

I’m looking forward to seeing what your ranks look like vs mine & the rest of the community! Don’t forget to screen cap or share the pic of your Tier List. Thanks for watching!

S-Class Fighter RANKER –

My Ranks -


erin is f class?

This list is pretty odd. IMHO Erin is miles better than Kapoor, Ivanova is a good melee attack leader, Stevens is a yellow S-Class version of 6* Tobin (just give him an abs weapon for full effect), James has become a target practice for Christa and other hard hitting toons and so on.


The link above the video will let you rank yours! Show me your rankings! lol Errybody quick to tell me what you think of my list but not too quick to post yours! Let’s go! haha


Erin and Iva way underrated there!


My ratings

Edit… rick should be s class


How the hell is ivonova and Erin worse than Kapoor!? I would of put them in the B category because they are easy to obtain and benefits most players.
I would of put shiela and daiyu in the C class personally and raulito in B class.

Laopo I would of put higher no matter what definitely a A grade S-Class for her full team control turn 1 or 2 depending on if you run doc Stevens and Exhaust it just a bonus.


I’d like to take part but I’ve only been able to use 3 of them, lol


In My Opinion:

The League Points needed to Tier Up Ivanova & the Walker Heads needed for Erin were not easy to come by for newer players. Kapoor is only different because of how long ago he came out & those newer players could have tiered him up. Plus his heal is one of only a few.

Click the link above the video & post yours!

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I see Erin as definitely achievable same with ivanova and it is grinadable to tier them up but isn’t everything my either grinding or spending.

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Always draft where can feel blubbersome an play like a calf… nice toon poor weapons and no less skill ha

Even I know just to spam Trader in Draft rather than testing out Tiffany lol


Trader needs his own rank. About two above priya


Trader in draft is really slow lol

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I did a F2P *Flashes F2P Pass* ranking. I was spending too long staring at promos thinking ‘WHO is this person’


I have a bit of sclasses and I had no idea who some of them are one of which I still don’t know lol

He is and isn’t. 4 turns is my average in Arenas :grimacing:
Meaning 2 of him can kill 2 and I just have to Priya the other 3

assuming you arnt dealing with a pete unless you have a way to control him. I tried trader in arenas and couldn’t beat pete you have to get lucky with a control toon

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I rated toons I own by how I feel about them and how much I lean on them in my teams. I don’t feel qualified to judge all of them

Oops forgot Marlon & Rosie. F tier