Ranking and rewards in events

The one that has been bothering me lately is this.

After 800k level up prizes are basically pointless. And most of us at that point won’t achieve over rank 50. So why try and get so close waisting trainers you can use to get 800k next event.

I’m at 1.4 million on level up but I won’t be top 59. That’s me trying hard out with what resource I have as a F2P player.

I was wondering if we could change the rankings.

1000-250 is fine. But next rank is achieve 50. That means even if you were 51 or 55 or 60 something, no extra prize for a score far and high above 250 ranked players.

Could we introduce a 100-50 tier in the ranking system.

It would encourage people to continue getting better in events.

In saying this. Thanks for including s class cards and torches up to 800k it makes that effort worth it in solo lv up. And encourages players in the faction to go beyond 500k.


@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger ^^^^^ deffo would be great to have more ranking reward brackets that what currently exist :+1:


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