Ranking all tournaments or whatever

I got bored and decided “hey lets rank all of the tournaments from best to worst”

so uh

here we go

  1. Old School Arena (Domination)
  2. All Out War
  3. Draft Arena (Domination)
  4. Blitz War
  5. Zombie Hordes
  6. Trait Mania Arena (Domination)
  7. Solo Raid
  8. Faction Raid
  9. Cross-Region War
  10. Old School Arena (Endurance)
  11. Damage Squad Arena (Domination)
  12. Trait Mania Arena (Endurance)
  13. Draft Arena (Endurance)
  14. The stupid hecking medic Arena (Both)
  15. Faction Level Up
  16. Solo Survival Road
  17. Solo Level Up
  18. Faction Survival Road
  19. Stupid ass Classic Arena (Both)
  20. Onslaught is dead so I guess it goes here


idk if theres more im tired

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  1. whatever
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Agreed with most of that

I cant get my head around trait mania - what’s the point? So my yellow team can now mess up a red team instead of a blue? Whoppie - do, its asinine.

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Onslaught over hordes any day be great if it came back and just implemented milestones and reward structure

You forgot number 10987. toc

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Old School Arena would be Dead last for mefollowed by Level Up.

Old school arena ■■■■■■■ sucks as a newer player.

Old School Arena reminds me of simpler times. The good days.

place 2000 TOC

What is a TOC

Trait Mania is completely pointless IMO , I never swap teams . The opponents are the same and the results the same .
Anything Endurance in Arenas is complete trash , complete p2p nonsense
As for the rest , I might switch a few around but pretty fair rankings


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