Rank rewards and milestones how to fix this broken game ... Devs must read and respond


Milestones need to be more important and easier to obtain … how many players are currently completing all milestones on a regular basis ? I have been playing for a few months and have never made 2 million in a level up yet haven’t even came close and have spent real money as well …

This game needs to be more focused on players instead of factions… in every region there is one dominating faction of 30 players that are basically untouchable that wins every single event and that are getting all the rewards to grow 2-3 times faster then everyone else in the region … this needs to change and I believe that can be possible by making the milestones more important then rank rewards.


It’s looking like 0 will hit 2 million… can’t actually remember Any one hitting it in my region other then hackers who were later banned


We have a couple morons in my kingdom that do it every event other then that the rest is pretty low


Did you used to play Rival Kingdoms?

When I played that after Clash I used the verbiage from Clash.


The 2m milestone was hit once during the last 8 level ups in our region.


I’m fine with that, having no one reach the last milestone is ok.

In my opinion the issue is that new players have no chance in hell to hit the first milestone.

And that the prices give no reason to go for the milestones even if you could.


Have they really changed anything to what we want from months ago…?

I can’t remember them doing…this sort of approach is not working.

I’ve tried…nothing changed.


You fine with one person out of a entire server making the last milestone ? Lol thats insane that keeps up this ga,e will be completely dead


you in Chilton right? You see Nemesis had over a million in level up like two hours after the event started? Smh


Ya I think he or she is a dev to be honest . Nobody is dumb enough to be spending that much money on this game . The only guy making every milestone every single event or he is a hacker one or the other


Nope only Jimmy and onze in our region that have hit it, in the future I intend to but still waiting patiently for a half decent prize to do it in


The solo rewards are way the hell better then any faction event


Solo rewards are the same thing it’s always the same guys winning why I say should bump milestones


But most top winners are paying players even if they bump rewards to be better they will still be getting better then everyone


Better milestones bruh milestones


Rewards are crap milestones are made to make you work harder that being said 2 million for a single glove is just stupid. They do need to drop the milestones for level event the rest are fine, the current raid event has the best milestones I’ve seen in awhile. But prizes are still trash


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