Rank in order who I should ascend next



Sophia gov Richard Duane Rosita


Thank you. Time to get to work on Sophia!


What does your current team (or teams) look like? It’s hard to give good advice without knowing that.


Rosita should be next. The best toon in the game right now next to Shane.


this what I’m working with now


Gov and Sophia are a tossup for me then Rosita Duane richard


Try telling that to Erika and Lydia.


he was being sarcastic


I know.


Sophia would fit perfectly on your blue team, so I would ascend her first. Duane would fit nicely on your melee team too.

Do you have a leader that works for reds? If not, I would take your time ascending the remaining reds until you have one. In order, Gov (for the neutralize), then Rosita (heal over time is a very underrated rush) then Richard (waste not sounds better than it is).


Obviously depends on the teams you can build, and what you might be lacking.

Governor is good for damage and controlling rushes.
Rosita is probably the best healer
Sophia’s crowd control looks pretty good.


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