Rank 3 faction Vs Rank 20 faction


So I know there’s some sort of mechanism behind war match making. I can only assume we got pitted against a rank 3 faction because there was no other factions searching right(despite it being cross region war)Well it’s still miserable. Rank 3 faction with multiple S5 Teams vs us, rank 20 with a couple S2+ teams, one S3+ at best. I just want some insight into why this happens. I can’t hit the milestones if this keeps happening.


I have to say that this war we have been matched already with tons of top 10 factions we reside around a humble 26th place aim for top 20 when most of our folks are online , but for now we have been matched with top teams a little much , more so then other Wars (69 teams in total competing) would be nice to sometimes also pull a faction more to our strength :slight_smile: just saying not complaining


Join the club just played a team with 533k rep to our 133k and me being the only one with S2+ playing there team of S3++ to S5 we have players who still have 4* in so thanks scopely for a great match they beat us in less than 10 mins after waiting an hour to get a match what a waste of my factions time


It’s gotten to the point where I just fight them once for the participation rank and then just close the game.


We hit the rank 45th faction (we were rank 7 at the time) and it was cringy.

Once again the top faction in CRW isn’t the strongest though. Its a mid range faction who can match higher and lower at a steady rate while the top factions waste most of their time searching.