Rank 1 in arena draft and no rewards!

Hello, where is my reward? I need the reward now , 3 gold tickets , i want to play how. Why u don t respond? I sent 5 emails and nothing!!!

I spent 35 tickets for nothing?

You won’t get a response from Scopely on here.

Raise a ticket with support in game if they’re not responding to emails and try contacting them on discord if you can, since some developers and the CM use that.

Read through the forums there are a lot of people posting about this issue. Support says it is a programming issue will be resolved soon.

Thanks guys

With only a couple hours of championship Arenas left it doesn’t look likely.
What a shambles. And waste of tickets

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Yeah it sucks big-time

And yep, no resolution before the end of Gold Championship. Lost my extra entrys as well, placed lower then I could have, lost rewards, coins, promotion, etc
Keep on Surviving

I just got my rewards now

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