Ranged attack team tips needed

So I’ve been trying to put together a ranged attack team to run alongside my melee team in the hopes of taking down green teams that much faster.

My melee team can kill pretty much every other team I come up against, though it sometimes has problems against other green/yellow combos or takes them out very slowly.

These are the teams I put together, and I’ve been told that the members of the ranged team are pretty strong, but it can rarely take out a green team. Out of 10 green teams I meet in raids, my melee team can take 9, but the ranged team ‘might’ be able to take one of them, if I get lucky.

Is there anything wrong with my combination of toons for the ranged attack or is ranged attack just worse in general than melee?

I run a very similar ranged team. 1 thing I notice is there isn’t a lot of control with that set up. Only Michonne has confuse on her weapon, otherwise you aren’t containing the opponent and just hoping you don’t get stunned or impaired before you rush turn 3. Definitely keep working on your weapons, that looks like a big downside right now.

Whos that 4* on your melee?

I thought it was Kate, but realised not and deleted my response. Hope she has some amazing buff skill because there are better neutralises that will survive a little longer

My secret weapon ;D
She lasts longer than either Romanov or Marlon because of her mods and weapon, but she does no damage, all control.

It’s Mariana.

I did just get my first 6 star neut (yellow beta) so I’ll be looking at how viable he is as a replacement.

So would someone like the governor help much? (waiting for him in the depot)

I have Red Andrea, Red Mirabelle, Brian, Rosita (Heal), Tara (Leauge), Akio, 2 different Blue Dwights, Jessie, & 2 different Blue Maggie’s I could replace any of them with.

Right now the team I am trying has one less Sandy than you and Governor in that spot. Try the double attack Dwight instead of season 2 Sandy, especially if you have a double attack gun. One important thing is getting those weapons up to par, your attack stats seem low

Alice. (7 characters)

The attack stats are pretty low, but without any defense/hp on the mods, 1 or 2 of the ranged team are dead by the end of turn 2.

By 'Double-tap Dwight, do you mean “A New Threat”?

I do have a double attack Gun. What should I try to get on my red guns? Stun when being attacked?

What is her rush? Try kate out, she is one of the most amazing 5* out there, so many people use her even on range teams.

Tbh i am going for ap down on my attack red guns, lots of stun resist, no ap down resist mods, you can replace neutralizer with these guns and ap drain mods

Bryan can put in a lot of damage, or go with rosita, she can heal and she recovers stun and impair, replace that leagues sandy

I tried Brian out, but he just feeds the other teams’ AR allowing them to rush before I can, thus killing most of my team.
I’ve put red Mirabelle in for now, mainly for her stun. I’ll try some AP down mods, but it means taking out any graze mods.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have Kate. Mariana’s rush is: Stun 2 enemies and - 40% defence +10% ap to another teammate.

It works really well with Romonov. I can stun 2 enemies turn 3 (and often take 1 or both out), taunt the remaining enemies to get Romonov’s attack up, and rush with the rest of the team. There might be 1 or 2 characters left standing in a defense team at the end of turn 4 using that tactic.
Anyone that is left standing, I can neutralize with Kate, then AP down with Bruce and then next turn, Mariana’s stun is ready again.

Could you share a picture of Marinara?
I don’t remember what she does

Sure. Here’s my girl. She rocks. Though, I will try out beta with an 8% weapon and he should do a similar job.


Thank you

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