Random Solo Level up?

Just had a Random solo level up pop up alongside the Faction SR.

Did anyone else’s region get this?

its optional, don’t do it if you don’t want to.


This posted before I got to finish my OG post. Thank you.

Isn’t every event in the game optional? Don’t recall ever being forced to participate in one myself. :wink:


Yes, got one over in my region too. Still dont get the reward structure. Why would anyone put up 1.25 mil for stuff that we can get for free by running the daily sr? Top 100 finish for 50 medals also seems pretty low.

Gotta stop being so stingy scopes! :rofl:


It’s so people can jump facs before war. It was intentional

Hopefully this wasn’t the level up tourney @kalishane was talking about for providing silver ascendancy medals.

Explain that thought process if you don’t mind.


Easy. Someone said to Kalishane that due to back to back events they can’t jump ship, so a solo level up was added and will carry across for a duration between now and war, to allow a window of opportunity to switch facs.

i got it 2.

it’s the one where you get a kit and tape for 1,25 milli.

Back when they brought this one out it was like LOULE!

but now can easily be reached.

To be fair, I got a little exited seeing it pop.
So Good Luck and Have Fun!

Except… there was already going to be a time gap between war and faction SR, and you don’t need a solo event to be able to leave the faction. Them adding the solo LU wasn’t really needed to give players time to switch factions. If anything, the solo LU was more about responding to players’ requests of lack of ascendancy medals as posted in a different thread.

I’m not complaining about the free rewards from the solo LU, but my point is that Shane isn’t exactly correct in what she’s saying, so taking a leap in logic simply to say what someone else said doesn’t really help anyone.

(Eg: This is a callback to the 24 hour 0 energy roadmap that was supposedly meant to be 1-2 hour once per week with still the same ridiculous collection amount. Shane relayed that information, so I’m not saying it’s her fault, but at a certain point you just have to sit back and think “What???”.

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I hear ya :slight_smile:
I guess you could say that if a fac event was dropped rather than a solo level up, there would be smaller window to fac swap, bearing in mind time zones too.