Random RM teams... why, oh why?!?

Why do some rms default to a random team?!?

When trying to burn through energy, maps, etc sometimes a map might just go to a team I use for territories or scav missions, never before used for rms. I get when I click too quick and it uses an earlier team than my main one, but often it’s random and i don’t notice until i get the dead message on an S1 map!

Recent examples of bear map 2 act 1, 3rd stage of gold brick map and arrows map 2 (twice now).

Just why, oh why! Not a big deal just an annoying waste of time and resources

Hmmm… might be a new bug. It happened to me once yesterday. Thought it unusual but assumed it was user error on my part

Never happened to me. Usually the team defaults to a team I ran the last stage (or previous daily/weekly instance) with. However, it scrolls down to the team (within like half a second) and I have the 3 RM teams (Pam lead with 5*, Pam lead with Sclass and a regular Sclass team if difficult to farm XP) at the very bottom (ca we please get the option to drag our teams in the list, please???), so sometimes if I am too fast, I select a team that is one, two or even three rows above the one I should have selected, so I simply pay attention to it now (after missing out on some XP when selecting a non-Pam lead on an easy map)

Last night I ran a hive roadmap and I was doing it accidentally wih my tower clear team (1st team in my team roster). Luckily it cleared the map well enough, cos walkers.

I don’t remember mis tapping my device to make it do that. But I could have

interesting as was doing the arrow map an last stage it selected my tower team… lost the stage an intially wondered why then saw ? Thought my fat fingers must clicked wrong team even tho my tower is 3 down from main attack…

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This sometimes happens to me if one of those annoying ‘your mods/weapons/etc. inventory is full’ or similar messages pops up.

I think it ends up interrupting the scroll to the last used team so it ends up landing on the wrong one.

I wish those annoying messages would only pop-up once per game session - I don’t need to know my mods/weapons are full every time I run a roadmap.

No messages or mis-clicking for me, just sometimes pick a random team :sleepy:

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