Random revive in road rage map

In act 2 first stage of road rage where Carl is lead with fast and strong characters, whenever I kill Glenn he keeps getting revived, then he rushes immediately and heals the whole team :unamused:. I checked all their rushes and active skill and none of them have revive. Wanted to know if this is a bug or something scopely set up to f*** me?

Violet has 1 revive* (two usually when maxed) as part of her AS

Yes goyim, we know how successful you are, so we did this to slow you down.

It’s probably a visual bug, it also happens with decapitate Tyreese.

Hmmm ur right I can’t remember seeing that there though. And one point in time both toons I had killed got revived and I was like how tf?

Not sure about two toons, but when it triggers it shouldn’t be a problem again. Maybe you had one toon at that really low-should be dead already-wtf-HP and it caught Glenn’s heal

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