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So i know i cant be the only one on this topic. But is it really necessary to have those offers pop up on the screen at the most annoying time. I goto join war and a damn offer pops up and i accidently click on it. Then by the time i close out the offer war is full and searching.

My Feedback:

Thes offers popping up causes a major distraction and causes people to miss war seiges. Its really quite frustrating. Amd its not jist war it everywhere in the game. We already get the lil number to show on the offers icon. Dont need them popping up every 15secs. Its not gonna make people spend money. If they want the offer they will get it whether they pop up on the screen every other time you change screens or not.

My Suggestion:



I was just about to make a thread about this. Yeah i agree, the offers pop up mostly at the wrong time. Just like you, it appear mostly when i want to enter the war list and for active faction which requires speed to make in the list, it surely annoying.

Why dont you, scopely, make the pop up offer appear only at the start of the game. By then, we will still know that there is offer available and might take a look later.

Yeah, the constant bombardment of pop-up’s suck the big one. Especially since they really love to shove one in your face right after you finish a war battle.

Who designs crap like this anyway? Do they really think pissing off and annoying the players is truly going to lead to more spending? :laughing:

They do it to annoy people to buying it and it never showing again.

Survey pop ups are a category of its own - while actually useful, they shouldn’t be thrown at you at the most inconvenient time… why can’t surveys be linked through in the in-game blog?

I don’t want to click the survey away because I am rushing to complete roadmap/tourney before it expires but I also don’t want to miss the completion either…

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I know it has nothing to do with the thread, but if your data is correct, we ran into your faction in this war, but we could never match and battle, I had to say. lol :rofl:

I warred very little. Couldn’t join during the day because of work, couldn’t join in the evening because the war fill times were like 10 seconds short :slight_smile:

Am glad I hit at least the 25k milestone early on. Btw - in game, my name is Petsu¥k {HH} or sometimes different, but always containing the ¥ symbol

Agree about the pop ups.

As a software engineer I absolutely rail against pop ups of any kind on the web. Now I get them on my game too.

I literally curse marketing teams for doing this.

诅咒死他 因为他害我不见了分数

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