Random distribution Beacons?

@GR.Scopely - @JB.Scopely
The light beacons seem to be cropping up randomly yet not a single person I have approached knows why they in particular got one? Any ideas?

Wish i could reverse sell it for 10 pulls from the stash

Oh yeah, I also randomly got duct tape with my random beacon of light

Lol though, imagine spending $20 or 4,000 coins for the last beacon of light you need then you just randomly get one in your inbox

Lol - I’d take it seeing as I’m on 9/10. I should also state I have no intention of spending 4K on a beacon… give me FREEdom or give me angry birds

Yeah what’s up with this? Why are some getting 1 or 2 or 3 and others none?


I havent heard of anyone in my faction getting beacons?

My mini (level 41) got 2 beacons and duct tape. My main got nothing (level 150).

Did we ever get an explanation on this one? I’m only following up to ask as it seems to my uninformed eye that several players were randomly given the opportunity to open up the roadmap with this last beacon and get Zhu while others didn’t. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

You are the perfect potential customer.
Now how did that happen?


Lol trout - maybe I’m the worst sort because I wont spend :thinking:

Maybe it was something they looked at and noticed most only had 5 or 6 beacons. Maybe they thought it would help push stupid people closer to buying the chance at a beacon in the shop??
I got two in my inbox so I was still two short, no one else when I asked in GC said they got any.

I got one randomly appear, no idea why

It’s the default game design… Put everyone in a position where they are within reach… All they need to do is…?

This I reckon is one of the key issues players raise time and again and scopely keep promising to address but never do - communication. The lack of it leaves players frustrated - particularly when they think others have been given an advantage by an event. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not that bothered that I didn’t get the character

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Lmao trout - see I understand that constituent words in his statement but I’m currently running the paragraph through an enigma machine to see if I can make sense of the order they have been put in

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those that didnt need it got some
those that needed it didnt get any

not random


That really looks to be it, I havent heard of anyone that was short beacons getting enough to actually open the roadmap

Myself and a faction mate did. We are in a region with only 17 active players and we didn’t come close to the final 2 faction missions. So we both had 8 beacons, and then had 2 show up in our inbox. Both got Zhu with a couple of hours to spare.

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What region are you in? I’d love to come

We would love to have you, but we are in one of the very old regions that has been closed for a very long time!

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Ah that sucks, what region btw?