Random crashing during raids


Very infuriating. Especially with a raid tournament which isn’t long. Randomly crashes the game halfway through battle come back and it says Iost by time out. Isnt first time this is happening. Happened before.

Raids Broken WTF

Might it be related to this?


Yes! I just tested. Seems to always be when Yumiko’s burn would kill an enemy an win the raid the game crashes before the burn takes place. Sorry if I didn’t take time to read and find the cause. Glad it’s not just happening to me. Thank you


Mine is crashing almost every raid can’t get any trophy’s today till raids are fixed hope this won’t be a problem in wars


My game constantly shuts down during raids and duels how can this be fair need the 5* Trainers but no way wasting more cans on a broken event


Mines happening even after removing yumiko when ever I go to kill yellow negan it has the little loading in bottom right corner then shuts


Dont kill him then. FIXED


This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap crashing crashing crashing can’t play like this another tournament without milestones please fix soon milestones are very hard to get when you can’t get any trophy’s :frowning: goodbye bloody eggs…


Ok so that’s why that kept happening… wasted a whole can trying revenge and kept timing out and rebooting with lost rep and energy.


I ended up loosing around 40 times in the tournaments previously just trying to get the bloody milestones, it seemed the moment people found out they put negan on there team just to spite me