Random 2019 Thoughts

Bored, sitting in hospital room with a snoozing spouse, thought I’d share some thoughts on this great yet frustrating game. I’ve been playing since a couple weeks after its release and only this year been thinking of throwing in the towel. It’s really my faction keeping me playing and that is mutual for the majority of us.

The Good -

  1. Saving money. I’ve always been a casual spender but this year - due to the direction of the game - I’ve scaled way back. I buy the monthly pass. I can afford $9 a month. For a game I love (which is huge since I’m not a gamer), I want it to suceed and Scopely needs profit to do that. That’s my contribution for the hours a week I spend on here. But for the most part, that’s it.
  2. Recent “free” toons - Michelle should be easily obtainable by everyone. League Toons have been getting better. Legacy ascendables have been great. Thank you for all that.

The Bad -

  1. Road Warrior & Level-Up Collection Toons - while there were grear toons in the various collections, they were simply premium events disguised as Michelle-type events. Sure, anyone who put in the time shoud’ve won something. But the best prizes required money. Not getting Marlon was almost the straw that broke the camel’s back. But even if I did get him…
  2. Gear - this is by far my biggest complaint. I have to be SUPER picky about which toons I keep. I’m not a collector and I hate having roster space eaten up by never-used toons. Knox, legacy Maggie, Richard, red Jesus, yellow Rosita and Aiko were casulties of the T2 rut. Newer, better toons are a priority and maxing them is taking way too long. I’m not completely opposed to the league store method of obtaining gear but the cost of the gear to the rate of obtaining tokens is way too high. Lower the cost and/or up the amount of tokens we get and get rid of the limits and cooldown. If someone gets 25k tokens and wants to buy all tripods, so what? And PLEASE go back to gps AND canteen for 100k war milestones.

Log-In Rewards - I’m not an advocate of getting free stuff all the time, but a precedent had been set and revoked. I can’t blame players who were pissed about that. I don’t think the reward should be a toon but I think at least once it was choice of a new legacy or gear. That’s a great option. Players can get a new ascendable or gear if they already have that toon.

Survival Club Rewards - Another precedent that was stopped. Bring that back and you may get more subscribers. Let them choose their weekly reward. Gear, trainers, even comics.

If you read the rant, thanks! Sometimes I get the feeling that those in charge of this game don’t communicate with each other or work together. No cohesion at all. Of course there’s lots of other issues…but time for lunch


All of this will be addressed within the next 20 years. Thanks for the feedback!

Stick through it, you can only fall so deep before you can only go up.


Agree with everything you said there but my problem isn’t the tier 3 it is tier 4 that is my problem

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They clearly don’t understand how to market to new members… why anyone who wasn’t in SC before would all of a sudden join this time around us besides me. The only chance is 400 extra slots. But wait, you need to get an extra 25 comics to even get Julie. Awesome!!

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I’m sitting on a gps and 2 canteens. Can’t use them. One toon needs 3 more bandoliers and Michelle will be stuck needing 10 sheathes and 4 whetstones when I get her. If Hershel is released soon, I won’t even be able to T2 him. I want to get Kal from the league store but I just used all my soldier gear so he’d be stuck as T2 5star so there’s no point getting him now.

I’m sitting on no canteens no gps and one bandolier so I feel your pain man but I do have 12 wet stones but no yellows to upgrade or worth upgrading

What about that shuper shweet Barker from last war?

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My random thought for 2019 is that we’re on day 77 of the year and my game has been un-playable for 60% of that time, (coincidence or not) ever since my SC renewed at the end of January.

I can’t call anyone at Scopely, I can’t use in game support because the game resets too fast, e-mails through the web portal just get responses from bots, and multiple threads and messages here have gone unanswered.

I’m no MBA, but I’d think that completely ignoring subscribers’ issues is not the best way for Scopely to make money.

Like most people I only got 20 completely useless tokens

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