Rampage weapon effect

The new tough rampage weapon effect that causes basic critical attacks to hit 2 additional enemies at 150% has some issues. First is causes AP gain on those 2 additional characters (I thought this was previously changed to make these type of effects more useful). Second the damage done to the additional characters can also be reflected via reflect damage mods. It really makes this weapon enchantment much less useful.

@GR.Scopely To the team?

With great power comes great consequences lol modified voltaire. Real answer is only cd was changed and other effects trigger these issues as well, splash. It is intended and I’d give it s class mercer chance to be changed. You are going to have to use it smartly or use a different weapon.

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That’s why I run a raven with her. No AP gain for anyone until it’s too late

Are you sure about that? Me and a faction mate tested that for an hour one afternoon, and we couldn’t make it happen. Small sample size, but we were satisfied.


Yeah no, only the original toon being hit can reflect.


I would just disassemble it :shushing_face:

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