Raise your voice readers!

Hi guys, i just created my acount there after 2 years of only reading.
I ask all of you Who are only reading to create an acount and tell them we are not satisfied.
Lots of People fought for us on this forum but things dont change so please raise your voice.

Im in the group of People Who get screwed on a 40 pull With no epic and they let it sink.

This is our Last chance to make this game great again, we need the same uproar that occured during spendin stryke.
Please be aware that the game is dying and motivate your teammates to create an acount here. Flood this forum till they hear us and actually do something for their customer.
I have little faith in this message in à bottle but who knows.


I wish you luck player

That‘s a good speech, Akta!

Refund is a common thing wide spread like other ways do get cheap/free gold, my post was more about to find a way not to screw scopely like they screw us but to show them how many we are feeling screwed because lots only read like i used to.

Refund & co will only lead to the death of this game we all used to enjoy.

Billion dollar idea : when the game is on its Last breath launch a kickstarter campain to buy the game Im pretty sure all the spenders would pay to change the company that rules this game, pretty sad no ?

Or keep playing and endure like others have mentioned elsewhere, but don’t spend and drag it out so they can’t close it down for being “inactive” then!

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What the hell is happening lately every time I come on the forum it’s doom and gloom and this is from both sides, yes rewards are not great when was they ever great a long time ago to long to remember,all this stuff about the game closing down more doom and gloom,and so much more and from scopely side posts should be answered not avoided,I’ve seen them on replying to threads which I feel are down the list of priority and avoiding threads that need answers stop being scared if the games falling apart then tell the people stop hiding,has no one in this company got balls to speak out or scared of losing your job,where’s the leaders on here not seen replies from them either, somebody just get on here and answer people’s concerns, I’ve worked in management for a multi million pound company and this to me is a joke how everything is treated in the game and forums.and if there’s something in here you ban me for fine I won’t be coming back on because that’s just childish games again avoiding the points made.


Just FYI, I’ve been here whenever I have spare time and I’m here to help out people wherever I can, but when people call out for answers from Scopely, I have nothing to add for the simple reason that the leaders are not Scopely employees. We help out where we can because we care about the game, but at the end of the day, we are players, like yourself. Sorry bud, that I can’t do much more than I already am. :frowning:


I thought he said reader?

I might be crazy though.

We know you guys do all you can.

Ah, I was trying to reply to @RED but it didn’t post as a reply to him.

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Oh. That makes sense.

I withdraw my derpclaration.

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I member when 5 stars were top toons and were given out as war prizes and only one fac had em for a while… Good ol days.

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My apologises @Goddess I know it’s not your fault and there’s little you can do,just get disgruntled when you see topics just ignored and others responded too that really don’t mean to much, like rewards we get are again not good but no reasoning behind them, gear map no answers to this when all over the forum is gear map and rewards unhappiness but no responses,and this is ongoing very day and every event,also the guy who keeps getting banned I know he will never get an answer but keeps trying lol


If I were the one to do it, then maybe, but getting people banned is not part of my tasks here, nor do I have any interest in doing so unless you’ve been disrespectful to some other forum users. :slight_smile:

That’s alright, bud, no offense taken. :slight_smile: I do understand why so many of us players are feeling this way though and I just wish I could do something to help fix stuff.

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Voices do nothing for deaf ears no matter how high they are raised unfortunately. Many have been here providing input, there should be little doubt that they have a clear idea of what the community as a whole is asking for and what they’ve been disappointed by recently :frowning:



Hahaha that put a smile on my face, thanks! :wink:

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I’ve made myself available for chats to relay feedback as well as pose questions from the playerbase, and not only the concerns of P2Ps or whales or members of the top factions. I know it may not mean much but as soon as I have any further information, I promise to pass it on.

Ferris Bueller, youre my hero

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