Raise your hand if you're sick of Survival Road

This event has been beyond boring for over a year now. I’d rather they bring back Hordes mode rather than keep replaying the same SR once or twice a week. There is nothing enjoyable about it or Nightmare Road


I like Survival Road, but I must say it would be nice if they did change it up.




I like it because it’s something I can finish all milestones for, usually for free just with time, although the recent 29 hour ones get a nuh-uh from me.


It definitely needs to be shortened.

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Raises hand, i just dont like the every 2 hours, not everyone lives on the game


I just read forums for 2 hours, then go back to auto sr.


I do sr then auto read the forums…


Lol… summarize!

I’m fine with SR, because it’s simple to auto but having to do that every 2 hours is annoying. I would like to see them extend the energy to 12 and then these short ones don’t require a lot of canning to complete. And then to balance the additional 4 attacks, they could reduce the amount of points you get for rerunning the last stages slightly, still making one can essentially give you the same points as it does now once you finish.


I’ve pretty much always hated it. It’s just insanely boring.


I used to enjoy it in the 5* era. Been just another chore since the 6* reset.

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Not me I like SR, dare I say it’s my favorite event as I can actually take first if I choose to. Two day SR are perfect. You can finish without canning and on your own time.

How about we cut back on Level Ups instead, since we’re bombarded with multiple ones a week. Can’t say the same for SR.

The only SR I’d like to see gone is the Nightmare SR, that shite is annoying af imo.

I concede it’s tad bit annoying logging in every 2 hours or hour and 50 mins in my case (got a alarm set :rofl:). It would be nice to see the NRG extended, as someone above suggested 12 NRG wouldn’t be too bad.

If they increased the NRG and added 2 New Territories that only popped up during events that increased SR NRG refill rate I think that would help. It would also make territories interesting even though it’s unstable as hell. It’s something.


In have to disagree on cutting back level ups. No one wants to wait days to level up a toon they just got. And it’s a steady source of league tokens. They just need to always have something running in addition to level up.

Idk about the territory thing tho. I once thought that would be nice, but can you imagine the bugs unleashed by connecting the two??? Omg :joy:

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I enjoy hordes immensely


It’s the best event, particularly when yoûre new so you can see how much further you can get compared to last time.

Got to be a happy medium between nightmare, which I still think is too hard, and bronze, silver and gold, which are too easy. There’s an event they could release that might not be bug-riddled. Disturbed sleep survival road. Not quite a nightmare, nor quite normal. Somewhere in the middle.


I love SR - can easily auto with 6*. And especially for my low level alt account, its such a great source of XP.
Only event I cant stand is Hordes - hope that gets buried and never comes out :slight_smile:


U get toons to level up ?

i dont wanna level vincent lol

I do not mind survival Road much at all. I cannot stand hordes. As a person that is visually impaired so our road makes it easy to collect milestones. I do wish they would add one more level at the end to make it more challenging instead of auto select and auto play.

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I like SR. But switching it up with Hordes would be good.

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