Raise our level


Dear Scopely!.. When Will you raise our level from 125?.. We’re missing so much XP…


As soon as everyone finishes the Mano Y Mano missions.


Yes, apparently they are waiting for…


The dead to rise?


That’s when we run out of these jobs (with the same amount of XP), then we will increase the level… Scopely…


or just stop collecting the missions until you have a use for the xp? Its not like these missions give good rewards anyways…


Player level should be tiered. You start at lvl 1 bronze and work your way up to 125 and then you become lvl 1 silver and so on. Maybe have better rng numbers that get better as you go up in ranks. They need to do something soon tho…


Soon or soon TM?


Make it level 200 already!


A level cap increase is indeed in the works!


And the ETA on it is…?


Thank you, JB!
We, really, needed to hear it from You…


PARRRTAYYYYYY :partying_face: im now saving all my cans ready for the mano y mano. im not collecting nay of them now


Thanks Scopely with an average level now of 121.38, I was beginning to run of levels to gain. Guess I’ll finish me up before the new set of levels occurs


Oh boy. “In the works” could mean almost anything.


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