Raise level cap to 150 or 200

Lots of players have already hit 125, or are very close. The cap needs to be raised or removed altogether. If not, then retroactive points need to be credited when it does eventually happen.

Stop punishing people for playing your game.

@kalishane @Dash


Good job men!!!:grinning:


Thank you sir :slight_smile:

i’d love lvl 150 and make it 10 times more xp needed then 125 please.

it was honestly almost too easy :frowning:

About to hit 125…and I spent a ton of time at 100 back in the day


patience is key id like to see the rest of the map be opened first. Took time to get to 125.


Agreed Punisher.

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Rolling bonuses would be fine without hard level increase. Nice bump of 5 parts following the same rotation for 101-105 would do nicely.

I’m starting to lose interest in the game at this point. If the level cap gets raised I might actually pull some of these disappointments waiting in the wings…


All those tokens makes my eye twitch…


What’s the point of not pulling these


Maybe like most of us, he has a serious lack of food to upgrade/levelup new toons. It is a serious problem. Even if we get the increased levels food is and will remain a problem

It’s not only food. Its gear. The ultimate gear bs map only give 1 per gear for stuff that needs 4 and 6 per. The fact that lvling a 6* takes 18 coats/nightvision goggles to t3 them means you get 1 t3 6* every 18 days. Its ridiculous.

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I have hope that normal farmable gear maps will still be in the rotation. I know better than to hold my breath though… @kalishane did say something along those lines

Speak for yourself I don’t lack food or gear to level and have 9 t3 6s…and yes I’m f2p too…keeping that many 4s and 5s in tokens seems quite absurd at the very least u could use them to help win level ups this getting more gear


I hit all milestones every level up. 18 6*s t3, 1 t4. Did I ever say I needed food or gear? Read more, type less.

He is not f2p…

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the weapon tokens are too rare!


Holley said that above was responding to that calm down buddy

Just remove the cap, and require 2x (or close to it) XP for each level beyond 125.

Use math to make a practical limit, while allowing players to still have a gauge of progress.

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