Rairty roadmap event upcomming

and you have to be a sc member to be eligible to participate but will have to spend additionally also to participate.


It will be S25+++

A convoluted or expensive mess for sure

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Fixed it for you

Haha, probably right

More information about this event here Rarity Roadmap Event - 01/13 or


why are even using 4 stars you do know no one will have 4s maxed out right?

We have to train 4* now? Really?

What a joke… Using 4stars now? Maybe if we had unlimited roster space

lack of info and lack of rewards zzzzzz

Is anyone at spooply actually playing the game?

30e per stage for 5star roadmap (240e/3cans to complete)

40e per stage for 6star roadmap (320e/4cans to complete)


All “Bloody Bed Sheets” will be rewarded in the Roadmaps.
“Bloody Pillow Cases” will be available via daily “Bloody Offers”


fact his has locked the post means he knew there was backlash coming


I have 4 Stars!!! My little 4 star team I couldn’t part with has a purpose now! Huzah!

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@GR.Scopely poor GR knew this “event” was going to be a joke so he locked the post as soon as he posted it lol

4* toons… No info on rewards… Bloody pillows in offers… Yea, already not looking good. GR made the right call by locking that thread.

@GR.Scopely you ever facepalm when the “team” tells you to go announce things like this? :man_facepalming:


roadmap rewards are crap aswell for fuel cost…

How much $$$$ for this f2p shayte? :face_vomiting:

“bloody bedsheets”

That’s what I have to wash every month :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A 4 star roadmap… why?