Rairty roadmap event upcomming

any imformation about it feel free to share thanls :laughing::joy:


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like when does it even start it says Friday but also the 13th (which is Monday)

huh :wave: :wave: :wave:

They do not proof read anything, it’s amazing how often an official update or calendar clearly has wrong information.


They are probably putting the finishing touches on it today. Trying to figure out how to make it appear free to play but at the end you’ll need to spend to get anything from it.


It’ll be a rarity if it runs without bugs, amirite?


What event ?

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I really hope it’s another dumb letter event

It’s in the Calendar, but there is nothing here or in the official blog about what it’s going to be.

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Lack of communication from scopely yet again

some info before these events would be nice, it might help generate a buzz or excitement, and at least we can discuss it further on the forums, I mean it’s one of the reasons for there being a forum?
guess scopely would rather prefer it if we continued to slag them off instead day in day out.

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I think they don’t release info before hand because they know it won’t create a buzz, it will likely be backlash for how terrible the event is so they don’t tell us about it until it’s live.


So, obviously the Fri part was the error, must be monday 13th @ noon

Here’s the 911.

  • It will pretend to be f2p but it really won’t be as the only decent part of the rewards will be locked behind a paywall
  • It will be boring and lack any kind of thought or creativity to engage the players
  • It will have a “better chance” to have something go fubar and lead to yet another #gate which will then be completely ignored and glossed over if it hurts them or will be immediately patched and rolled back if it helps the players

I think that just about covers all the details. Keep surviving but more importantly keep spending. :smirk:


It appears that way

Remember Typhoon? Might be best if they don’t try to build hype before the event.

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Or monday right after leagues refresh. It seems the times are always wrong on mondays…

You forgot the important part. You’ll need x items to trade in for energy for the roadmap which gains you x items you need to trade in for collectables to get within a few, the REST of which you’ll need to pay for… To get something we probably used to get for free by grinding.