Raids with a twist?

I thought of some ideas to make raids more interesting

  1. When we enter raid, the opponent attacks first.
  2. Statuses/debuffs cannot be applied until each player has taken their first turn.
  3. This bring me back to 1. If 1 is implemented, then we basically are raiding ourselves because we are not primarily focused on winning but focused on not having our team die.
  4. Option to leave atk team for faction/everyone else to practice their defense.


People will quit if they losing tons of raids…

Raids are a boring chore as it is especially during events. If you want to make things harder for yourself attack with a full 5-star team or unequip your weapons.

What would be nice is they work on the algorithm that seems to only assign us to fighting about a dozen teams, bot or original, no matter how many times we search. Especially when there are hundreds of other players at the same S level. Now this is a change I can get behind.

option 1 was a beta thing for a long time … it failed … and it was no fun

they actually had them hit first and they had Bonus multiplyers like medium bonus to ap etc

They attempted beta testing “Ambush” in raids long ago in 5* days, where defense would randomly attack first. It went poorly, and was never implemented publicly.

Oh, nevermind. Clem already said that. Sorry. :joy::joy:

I always had this idea that after you kill the leader, the leader skill no longer applies. I feel like that would add a nice to twist to the META. How would everyone else feel about it?


I could get behind that. :wink:

Have other team att 1st is horrible idea if they have green stun on all you could have 3 stunned b4 you even go

Better idea would be but annoying as all hell your will face a real person and have coin toss on who goes 1st but even that’s horrible idea could be in search for to long

That’s why number 2 is there

Cause getting the entire team stunned turn 1 by stun guns or doing 0 damage cause absolute defense blocks every attack isnt as bad if not worse :joy:

So you mean battles would literally be decided by the roll of RNG?

Just like they are at the moment…

We should have raids where weapons are default or if they are bound make them have no buffs or special stats. Oh wait, those $100 stun guns wouldn’t be as great then. So no I guess

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Not sure first strike would work as the game is tuned to the current game mechanics.

Ambush was great, people cried and they took it away, made the game not always the attacker’s advantage

What about live raiding. PvP for real?

And if we have leagues why can’t we raid outside our own region? I’m fed up of searching and getting the same players in my allegedly active region.

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