Raids- where are they?


We were scheduled for raids… what happened with those? Supposed to start almost 15 mins ago.

What happened to raid



no one reads anything here, this is why there are 20 threads asking/titled the same things…let’s also ignore pinned posts at the top that says something like raids are delayed…how do people put pants on these days! Is this why we have coffee cups that say contents hot inside?


Wow y’all couldn’t just direct me to that? I just assumed the pins were the same that they have been. Ignoring the league screw up.


Yeah just saw that. And chill out banshee lol wow lol off-topic rant person.


I’m chill. Just tired of the scopes screw ups… hope it isn’t the onslaught update that caused this mess.


Anyway, back on topic and not a rant…Hopefully they start soon. :slight_smile:


Oh no not you. The guy above you. :slight_smile:


They’re probably trying to “fix” the league eff up.


Nothing to fix. Only fix I see could to set it up to not redistribute the rewards :expressionless:


We got an update about the early league rewards, but not the raid event. Sad.


It states in the thread the raids will start at 10pm PDT


*by 10pm pdt


Didn’t see that update, thank you.


Even the subject to change is, you know, *subject to change


The Raids tournament showed up for me like 15 minutes ago. I did about 8 raids and then it disappeared. I don’t think I imagined it, I saw the Milestones and everything under rewards. It showed I think 1 day around 9 hours as the length of the tournament.


I had the same thing happen, it showed up as being an active raid tournament, i did about 4 raids then it just disappeared… :thinking:


I’m hoping I get reimbursed two cans or have them at least count the raids I did.


Exactly. That’s why I put fix in quotes lol


Don’t get your hopes up