Raids too easy?!


SO I just recently transferred from Chilton region, to Butler region. In doing so everything went well, I do have to say I was happy to see no mess ups due to the transfer. THEN I went to RAID and I was ONLY getting 1 toon every single choice for change in raid. All 1 or 2 star toons only level 1 to level 20 max. ALL killed in 1 hit. Now I wouldn’t complain that the raid are too easy IF I was getting normal prizes. In the raid event in only getting 4 to 10 reputation and only 4 or so raid points toward the raid score. Where on the other raids I would get around 20 per raid each. So I will habe to use around 5x as many cans to complete the event?! Please help I have an S8+ team. I am 3.0 x in the new token solo faction event. I need to get my raids back to normal please.


Thats the regions decision to drop defenses you cant do anything about that


Two different things. When team drop defense, your trophies are still adjusted based on their team strength. So if I raid an s8 team that has lowered their defense, I still get twenty plus trophies.

Seems to me like this region has a bunch of new baby accounts that are just starting out. Keep searching until you find stronger teams.


Dropped Defence wont make any difference to the raid tournament points becasue in theory you’ll be paired with people of the same Rep… I still get 22/23 each time



You need to adjust your team grade, it happened to me too, I did that and it fixed.


I have the same issue as firekrystal

Raids only give me 3-4 trophies. It doesnt matter if i keep searching for another teams, always i get the same.

With this issue we cant do anything neither raid tournaments nor league points prize in the raid tournament.


I had this issue as well. Changing my defense team fixed the issue.


I changed my defense team, my offense team, everything, and always the same, 3-4 trophies


This bug has ruined my raid trophies in this raid tournament in my region, in my league, and with the candles and other rewards that i couldnt win because of this

I wrote to support at the begining of the raid tournament but no answer
Can someone from support see what happen?

Thank you


I wrote to support 50 hours ago and I have no answer. What can I do if support doesnt answer me and doesnt fix that bug that I have?


Im still having this issue, no solution from support. Nobody else has it?


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