Raids suck cant win


I keep raiding the same people i keep losing to its stupid


Then get a better team or pay food to search for some1 else


I konda have a good team but i dont get why it keeps making me raid the same people when there are 1000 accounts


Who do u use, and what do u vs?


find a region that’s drop d


Pay food to find new opponent until you find an easy bot team to raid. This is what everyone whom completes milestones and wins tournys does. Keep food and material under 100,000 so you will not be raided. Raiders will not be able to see you.


Just get better?


Wrong team set up with right team set up s3 teams can beat s5


I think his point is that Scopely keeps feeding him the same teams to fight against. I’ve noticed it too.


Are you changing something on your team to this point if you know what they are already



No matter how many times you search it’s always the same dozen teams when there are hundreds to choose from. It’s always been this way. It does make it easier to figure out which ones you can win against all the time and just keep refreshing until one of them shows up.

Problem is this could not be more boring or pointless. At least the rewards are crap so I don’t care and will just use free energy.


It you can’t win, then it can’t be good?


just start a new region at level 1
the 1st 1000 raids or so will be easy

that way when you raid on your main it won’t feel so bad because you just won 6 in a row on your sub


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