Raids - slightly biased?

what the hell is going on with raids? im out here getting 9 raid points per attack and everyone else is getting between 16-20!!! is my game broken? i have to use double the points to catch up… good job scopely.

Take picture? I have a guess that’s based on human error.

I think it’s dependent on team grade, but anyways rewards aren’t worth it

What’s your team level?

still the point is i shouldnt be getting half the rewards

Always worked like that, but well it’s scopely rip balance

look at number 6 and then number 17. both same amount of raids. pretty much double the score

Ok, wanted to rule out that you were mistakenly confusing rep with trophies.

IIRC, the raid trophies you get is based on the enemy you fight and their all time highest roster strength. So if you fight enemies with an all time weaker roster, you get less raid trophies compared to players who fight stronger rosters.

What kind of enemies are you fighting?

a mixutre. i fight the players in second place who have all 6* teams, to teams with 1/2 5*s yet i still get the same amount. and its not just me theres a few other getting the same issue

Are you getting the proper league trophies you should?

Set a new team equal to your max rating. That has solved it in the past

That’s always been my suggestion when people don’t get the proper raid trophies. Autofill a team, maybe restart the game, try a raid and see.

It’s dependent on rep. If you have less rep than the enemy, you get 16-24. If you have more, you get 6

9 assault tickets?

I believe that’s the fallacy of correlation over causation.

Naturally, enemies with low reputation largely means they don’t actively raid, which correlates with the fact that they probably have weaker teams due to not being active players.

However, rep has never been seen to be a factor into how many raid trophies one get. This should be observable because bots hover around your own reputation rank, but they give vastly different raid trophies depending on your actual roster strength.

This happened before. I can’t remember exactly how it got fixed.

I’m slightly confused since the raid tourney has started… Raids I usually if not always win every day, I’m now sometimes losing, the RNG seems to be perfectly affecting my teams in benefit for the defence, way more consistently than normal. Its weird.

They are talking about raid trophies not rep. The actual points you get during a tournament that determine your placement.

Ye exactly. I raid bots that have 10/20 less rep then me. I gain like 20 rep but raid trophies I only get 9

Even when I attack teams that are all 6*