Raids. Setting-up defense teams to the lowest level possible



What do you folks think about the players setting their defense level to the lowest setting possible ? This is something that users are doing for raids .We have seen S5 players set their defense to C. What is the major benefit of this ? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


The only benefit is other factions don’t see what your defense team looks like outside of war.

There isn’t really a huge downside either. All it does is cost you extra rep which some players don’t care about.


Thank you for the response. I see the reasoning behind this. Hope you have a great day :slight_smile:


Some also do it to lower their rep so when raid events come around they boost back up and get higher points. Me I just cannot do that. I worked to hard to be where I am at lol


In regions that are united it’s also a cheap way to reach milestone as ppl don’t face harder teams and possibly lose.


@Slycross I agree , same here.


Protecting rep is useless. Its akin to protecting a bag of rocks. You gonna use a stick, or SAM missles? But, some peeps love the ego-boost of the odd defend. Do what ya want.


I thought it only counted losses on attack


You are correct. Just rep will decline only. Slowly but it will.


Some in my region do this but simply because they want to allow others to get rep no matter how many they already have.


I very rarely put up my main defence for the region to attack.

I put up a much weaker but viable team that doesn’t get many defends so as not to give away how my team is shaping up. My team & weapons are permanently evolving, I just don’t want to give anyone a heads up on what’s coming.


I myself asked my region to lower defenses to help the region in a hole. Losing rap is harder than it sounds


It also changes the bots to match… so if ev1 leaves up a low team or single toon team… bots copy ur teams…


You don’t draw teams based on rep, so lowering your rep to get higher points doesn’t work. You match teams that are near your strength not near your rep.

Rep is so meaningless. All that ghosting is hard work.


Because renown points are totally useless.


I’m the opposite. I want to know which teams/players are beating my defense. Which are close, and which get demolished, so i can adjust accordingly.

At best you “surprise” for one fight IF they can’t take five seconds and evaluate before starting to click.


@Jhermanford indeed. I do hope at some point, like in friendly raids ; you can see your stats of the battle. That way you can adjust accordingly.