Raids not working after transfer


So a couple people in my region are only gaining 2 raid points for the raid tournament each attack its a known issue and both have been ignored by support after the basic steps etc and after the team switch didn’t work… I’m wondering exactly how they will be able to get the raid cupcakes at 2 points per raid one has over 30 wins one has 51 both are being beaten in the tournament by people with 5-7 raids I’ve seen in the past with the same issue no compensation was given to the people that had the problem and some lasted for months… Any non basic things to try is there something that hasn’t been posted on forums yet that has worked for people?


Get them to reset their defence team (as in change a character, save it, change back). I believe this rectified it for others when this happened before


As more background, I think what happens is that the game resets your “highest ever team strength” which is used to determine a bunch of things (e.g. General Status in war) including the level of your raid opponents. Setting a new team (may not have to be defence team as I said) will set their “highest ever team strength” back to something normal and allow them to face proper level opponents which give the usual 20-something trophies


That has been done and didn’t work they have tried everything that a quick search on the forums shows that’s why I asked for things maybe people found not posted on here yet


No worries, hope they get it sorted


Both players are fixed, the standard swapping teams didn’t work, they both had to delete all teams then build their highest team grade in slot one once done the first search in raids fixed the problem and they were back to normal raiding

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