Raids in online-mode

What about the online raids/wars fighting?
When searching for raids you can search for those who are also looking for a raid too. And then make a online-fight between two players in a real-time. If search doesn`t find online-player there will be a bot

Would be neat but sadly never gonna happen

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amazing idea! migh be accual fun. But who attacks first? or only one hit peer turn??

They should rather fix the entire game instead of adding more data & battery consuming nonsense to it. I am not saying your idea is crap but before they have not bug fixed the most annoying stuff they should leave it as it is currently.


Hey man, if you pile enough garbage on top of itself, SOMETHING is bound to work

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A live match would sort of be bad imo. 2 players attacking each other with attack teams or defence teams. With defence teams the match would go on until the time runs out. In that case, who would win?


That would require way too much space and data. Not to mention issues arising when ppl with different data speeds face up causing a host of problems like huge lag or booting issue like territories to name a few.

It could be a interesting idea but personally I’d much rather they get off their arses and Fix the game instead of cramming more crap into it and causing even more bugs than there already are :man_shrugging: jmo

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Awhile ago I played one of those golf games in which you can play against real people from around the globe. Tournaments are not enjoyable since you have had to wait for minutes until your opponent did his/her next move or hit. This will not be much different with realtime raids.


Its the same with mobile civilization/risk type games, people never do their turns and it takes ages to make your moves

They could simply make them real time where you have say 30 seconds to make your moves before your toons auto and avoid all that slow turn nonsense

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The one who has the total stats less (of all 5 characters) as a handicap

The one who will have more HP at the end of the battle

I knew games of a similar genre, where there were online battles and they had no such problems. :man_shrugging:

It will be possible to make a timer on the turn. Thirty seconds, for example :thinking:

Everything in RTS is done on your device, it is basically an instance based game with bot teams etc. in war and raid. Live features don’t exist at all in the game so wouldn’t expect any to be added at this point.


Wouldn’t this basically be dogpile matches? Never again :joy:

In the war, the action goes live. So why not to did a live fightings?
We understand that this is not done in a day, a week, or even a month and the work for such an innovation is not easy. But I still decided to offer this idea.

Servers barely handle Territories on a good day. Shame because your idea could be fun.

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What lockdown meant is that in war you also fight against AI and not „live“ against the player himself

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I know, probably I did not quite correctly translate what I wanted to say :thinking:

Yes that’s true. But those games were Built around that style of game play, this game isn’t. It would require a TON of new code to be written!
This is $¢opely we’re talking about. The same company who can’t even run a simple level up without screwing something up.

You want that style of gameplay you might want to go somewhere else bc this is not the game or the company to do :man_shrugging: js