Raids event duration 36hours

why so short whereas in the same time lvl duratuion will be 46h?

And problem between people from europe and america again… 2 nights for europeans 1 for americans…

source vk

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Europe‘s screwed as usual. Sadly shaking my head.

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We always get screwed. Especially in raids

Weekend wars are always the same, runs over 3 nights in Europe & only two in U.S. EVERY. DAMN. TIME!!!

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But here during week. It makes a big difference. We have to rush more in a short lap time

More money spent on cans, working as intended. One more time I’m convinced that Scopely is the best company ever.

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Anyone have screens of the prizes for this or the faction level? I’m guessing cut and paste from last…


Level up^

Seriously 4200 for the top milestone again. Screw that I’m not wasting cans and doing bare minimum. I thought @kalishane was gonna help get this fixed. That high of a milestone in a event this short makes zero sense.

Who cares what you do ? The milestones are good.


I agree, especially being shorter hours, through two nights & a full working day, would mean raiding non stop in every spare minute. I’d like the Benedicts, but not enough to sacrifice every other aspect of my life. Thank fuck it’s a solo & can be ignored.

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And it’s responses like that is the reason why Scopely feeds us turd sandwiches. Always one whale willing to spend for it smh.


Same copy paste rewards and milestones I’m shocked!! I can’t believe how creative they are so much time and effort put into making it interesting and exciting. …

Casual player complaining about not hitting last milestone. They lowered the 1 Benedict for you. How ungrateful.


Enjoy your turd sandwiches. I prefer saving my time for worthwhile. And I have 14 Benny’s so even the 3000 isn’t worth it. Feast at the turd buffet mighty whale.

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It is an American based company, so of course times will run as they are. They are three hours behind my time and that falls right on some family time so I disengage from the game. They also run events on American Holidays that Europeans don’t celebrate so it happens. I know it sucks but it is how it is.
Regarding war times: I change my schedule specifically to war because I enjoy it
Regarding milestones: If we are gonna bitch about the raid let’s also bitch about the level up, 2 million 3 times a week is a little ridiculous

Which One is he?

All the same, looks to be a fairly new region/faction?

Not sure how true this is. Whales gonna whale but many don’t stop at 4200 so the duration of te event doesn’t matter.
But your small spenders/f2p are less likely to use cans for the shorter event. The faction one was 2 1/2 days for the same milestones and still needed nearly 20 cans - this would be many more to replace the extra days free energy

I also love how quick to anger every whale is. It’s sad but if you want to hit 4200 in a raid tournament you have no choice but to spend 20-30 cans depending on the amount of free time you have.