Raids are miserable now

No bug complaints here but raiding has become a chore. While I’m raiding l realized that waiting for an additional 10 seconds after my turn for effects to animate was just rediculous. I already have to watch every damn animation for the AR’s now I have to wait for them while active skills take place. And then the little ones that happen when removing a status effect or adding a status effect. The fun is gone here.


Raids are still fun…six at a time.

I don’t get how people can sit there for hours on end to reach 4200. I did it a couple of times and each time I wanted to put a bullet in my brain. Milestones need to come way down. The top 10 dedicated will still put up 5k just to take 1st but at least the rest of us mortals can keep our sanity.


Raids are worse now because of faction supporter. There’s no more drop lead teams. We tried to help each other in our region and put up one toon defenses. Obviously not everyone agreed but enough people did it to find easy bots.


Yeah raiding sucks bug time now all those war defense teams with Carl lead takes forever now. Always liked raiding but not anymore

raiding sucked when the armory came out. Hurray for strategy err i mean hurray for no strategy.


im just autoing this shit. strangely enough my autos generally go better than when i do it myself lol


I don’t think that’s a good thing Plag, lol. :rofl:

I should give it a try myself to cut down on the monotony but I am a control freak.

Bet you don’t run a f2p account if you only raid on auto


Actually I do



I do my attacks then hit auto on x3, watch what the enemy does then as the last ones attacking press auto again. I’ve gotten pretty good with it and it speeds things up slightly. I will admit a slight distraction or miss tap and my turn gets autoed and everything goes to shit

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Yes fun fighting Maribelle and carl teams. Not…

I did say 6 at a time but you left out quite a few…

Erika, Vincent, Gator, Garrett, Dante, Rick, Morgan, Michonne, Negan, Barker, Dwight, Shane, Madison, and Lucas.

I left off Tara because no one is getting her. Not legitamite anyway.

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I never think 4200 is a must
I have tons of duplicate five I don’t really that desperate for 5star trainer
And any solo event rank means nothing to me
I only aim for something I need now soon or later
Of coz I will put more effort when I am free
Anyway we play for fun
Not like paying debts or kind of OCD

There was a point where raiding was enjoyable?

I don’t know about anyone else but I only raid when I have to…

I know one person with Tara who is a non-ticket farmer, but without the flare guns etc she’s useless lol

He lucky. That’s the problem with her. Even after you beat the odds and get enough earrings you now have to hope for the same with all the flare guns you need. She’s’ a decent toon but not worth it in the long run. They made it too much of a rng pain in the ass.

It also makes zero sense that both the 5 and 6-star earring are in the same t5 bag. Who thought this was a good idea. You could have put the 5-star earrings in the t4 bag scopes.

I like facing ranged teams as they are somewhat fast, but these Carl + immortal Yichonne teams can take ages. I’ve had more fun in raids despite sitting in first for this event.

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To be fair, this second day of raid tournament seems better. The first day, the bots were over the top. This one they seem to be tuned a bit more realistically. I am still losing some due to super bots, but winning enough to go into my can stash and stay in top 100.