Raids are impossible now


I’ve been playing for a week or two, and I pulled legendary hunter.
well the problem is, since i got him i get impossible people to beat in raids now.
it’s insane, and makes raiding impossible.


Bot teams are based off your overall roster strength. It’s likely your team grade rose significantly after pulling Hunter, so the bot teams you face will be much stronger.

You can still find non-bot teams with weaker players, so raids aren’t impossible.


they are impossible
i tried fighting a guy, and he had 2 clementies i couldnt kill no matter how much i tried
the clems kept stunning me somehow and regained health everytime they took a turn
it was pissing me off


I came here expecting a rant about combat mods lol.


You can keep searching for new raid enemies until you find someone who is easier.

6* Clem is one of two characters that comes with a Stun weapon, so any new player that gets her will easily be ahead of the curve compared to other new players.


Surely this post is satirical. Clementines stunned me somehow is the give away. Nice try though.


What’s your team grade


Right team set up you can beat teams with higher team grade in my 1 region I was beating s5 and above good amount of times with s3 team