Raids are harder! M


Has anyone noticed how much harder raids have gotten in the past week? I know the league thing contributes to that but my best squad is S7 and all day today they been getting demolished by teams that aren’t as good and I can’t seem to do anything about it, when I get a characters HP down another heals it or revives it. I’m really frustrated and was wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this BS the last few days but especially today? And actually DEANDOMINO I have been playing this game for over a year,probably longer than you have. Raids have obviously changed in the last few months.


Not much harder for me. Just boring is all.


Seems easier but that’s just me.


Its called bots put up by scopely. Notice they all have the same names and arent in factions. its BS.
That and no you got lucky scav camps are what ruins this game. both designed for you to buy stuff to improve your lot.


You clearly never played the game before ygl :rofl:


How many times do bots have to be explained?


Bots are based on real players’ teams, they were put there for when those people have a shield on you can attack those bots. Maybe do a little research next time.


Simple solution. Build an all 2 * team. Dont attack players that are in a faction during events.
Bots mimic playerbase. If everyone lowers teams, the bots lower


I hear that herding cats is simple too.

It hard enough to get your own faction’s war party to follow orders, let alone get the most part of your region to all switch to 2 star teams (and why not 1 star teams?)


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