Raids are Broken? [Beta]


Upon trying to raid while running 10.0’s beta, I can no longer get an actual legit team. Infact, all I get in refreshes is one-person teams consisting of just 1* Lucia.

Sat there and refreshed it for several minutes, tried relogging, etc. All I can get is a measily 2 raid points out of it every time, its pretty annoying.


Yep, same here.


Haven’t tried raiding in beta bit I don’t see how it actually matters, it’s beta ffs.


Not in the actual beta region itself, but one of the mainstream regions; Rabun.


Have it too :confused:


I’m in the beta and this morning it was doing that. Been fine for about the past hour. Maybe the fix is going out one region at a time?

The game is totally crashing on me though and of course, I lose the energy. Kinda hard to score points if this keeps happening. So far twice on 7 attacks.

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl @kalishane Anyone else reporting crashes?


This is happening to some people in my regions, but not to me.


It’s only affecting beta players and it’s happening in live regions not just beta region.


Yes, there is a known issue with Bleed or Burn on an Evasion specialist. I’m doing a hot fix for it. So, In the meanwhile, try not using Evasion fighters and neither apply burn/bleed to them.

Random crashing during raids

Fix for matchmaking is being deployed shortly. Thanks for your patience.

New Beta Broke Raids
:alert: Raid issue [Beta 10.0]

The raid tournament needs to be shut down. Beta players are getting screwed big time on this one


That is the risk you take when you join Beta. Doesn’t mean they should just shut the raid tournament down for everyone, maybe just shut it down for Beta.


Well as of now I would have to do 400 raids to hit the second milestone for bloody eggs. Beta or not that’s a big deal.


If they take 35 raid cans out of my inventory and give me the milestone prizes in their place I’ll be happy. Not bothered about the actual prizes


That’s completely different, my bad, I thought it was affecting his beta raids and they’re pointless.


They are aware and it’s being fixed. Let’s give them a bit before we start tossing pitchforks at them.



The bot teams that I’ve been seeing are ridiculous. They all have crazy weapons and are harder to raid then top players.



Raids are broken :frowning: im not getting a 1man team but raids are crashing almost every battle (beta player)


I’m just saying that in Montgomery region that isn’t a problem. I am not seeing bot teams with 1* & 2* toons that are only dropping 2 trophies a piece only. So it shouldn’t be shut down completely for everyone, but they are aware of it and deploying a fix shortly for Beta. When you join Beta you have to be aware of the risks involved and that is why I will never join Beta, but it doesn’t warrant a call for it to be taken down for everyone completely. That is all I am getting at. Also, as @Fixupecopely mentioned, Eggs aren’t dropping right now anyway. I will do most of my raiding in another 4 1/2 hours when eggs will start dropping.