Raids are a lot harder than normal

Anyone else finding raid bots harder than normal. losing 40 % of my matches

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Bot’s are nothing more than copies of actual player’s team’s so as player’s improve their team’s so do the bots.


Inb4 the generic “get gud” comments about S5+ raid bots


Bots only copy actual players’ teams, if you can’t beat them then you probably can’t beat that player.


I have fought many players that have different bots

No problem here so far, thankfully! Last faction raid was a different story.
I do hope it improves for you, seriously, nothing worse then trying to get milestones in an event just to get screwed over by random BS reason.

Not getting better getting worse no way they are the same tone lost 300 rep I started out 69 rank now am 74

they seem about normal to me…players and bots but thats cause i have a good will notice improvement little by little as your team becomes better. but once your team in good enough you will breeze through the milesstones. have patience

Ofcourse they are getting harder people have just been able to finally t4 a bunch of toons … I find that they have become easier now that I have a whole t4 team … but try scrolling and don’t fight anyone who has t4 leader always worked for me

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Being copies of people actual defence teams is making them harder. Because people can now leave up their actual defence teams instead of drop leads.

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no problemos here neighborino

I don’t leave my actual defense up except for war… don’t want people getting used to fighting it


I was able to auto my way to 4200 with only 2 losses so not seeing a bump in difficulty here.

If you recently moved up in team grade you could be facing stronger teams now. That happened to me back in the beginning way before 6-stars when I moved up to S1 or S1+.

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Yes in general people are a lot stronger because in my region everyone has full 6* teams now and no drop leader…(unless you have really low rep)

I have a full T4 6* team and i still loses a few when i dont focus

you must be in a new region or low rep because that’s definitely not possible in older regions

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Managed the 4.2k milestone with 0 losses surprisingly. Think there was an unofficial region pact to put up drop leads as our main defences to make them appear more frequently as bots

I imagine that most of them like me, we put a better defense in these events, that’s why you’ll face better enemies, be they bots or players

Nope, you are 100% incorrect. Just need a good team and great weapons. Been here for 15 months. The region is older than that and everyone at the top is windowless. I’m ranked top 15 in the region. Carl’s my beotch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my region there is four types of teams now.

The green Carl team - your going to loose.
The red Mira - you going to face 5* revive Jesus 6* Mira 6* tye 6* negan and 6* ezek.
General 5* team with a mix all sorts of 5s - fairly easy with a 6 team now.
Fake 5* team with a 5* lead and then all 6* - can be very difficult if caught off guard.

You have a hard time with Carl teams ??? You mean the Carl zeke shiva Glenn and either yellow michonne or the new green shield??? Everyone has one in my region just makes it easier to beat

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